Friday, September 16, 2016

An Introduction and the Origins of the Hachigoku RPG

So, what is Hachigoku?

Role-playing games (RPGs for us experienced folk) and myself have a long history, but unfortunately not professionally speaking. In part I suppose it's the greatest of sins for a samurai...


So this is the beginning stages of getting an actual RPG from design to market, and I want you to join along as Hachigoku: Blades of the Eight Realms goes from concept to completion.

Now, there's a bit of a fib there. I'm not just sitting around spitballing ideas; the core concept of the world and mechanics have already gone through several revisions. Hachigoku began as a stack of homebrew rules and fixes for my Legend of the Five Rings RPG group. The Rat Clan (great folks!) and I played for years; we played all kinds of games, but we sooner or later came back to L5R again and again. Every time we sat down to play, a new stack of rules hit the table. At one point they numbered 400 pages or so printed out. Nobody bothered bringing rulebooks to the table anymore.

In fact, if you poke around the internet you'll find another Hachigoku blog describing itself as a homebrew redux of L5R. I wrote that, and unfortunately cannot remember the account and password to clean itup. So, here we are. What began as a few homebrew fixes has evolved beyond all recognition into its own beautiful bastard. The setting and major characters may be spiritual successors to the world of Rokugan, but they have their own original spirits. The rules may roll and keep d10s, as many do, but there are innovations inspired across the industry and a few novel approaches.

These rules and this world is dying to get out of my head an into your hands. Draw your blade, praise the kami, brush up on the old classics, and prepare to face a world of monsters, magic, and the worst evil of all... hollow honor.

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