Friday, November 18, 2016

Now with More Fortunes!

Since I didn't want to clutter up a post about Fortunes with a massive list of them, in the way I did with Skills and Outfit sections, I cut that last post short. However, I still want to give you a look at the full list and see what flavor they have! So, without descriptions, here is the full list of Fortunes I'm currently working with:

Ancient Battlefields
Another Time
Armed & Ready
Battle Fatigue
Bitter Betrothal
Blessing of the Seven: Benten
Blessing of the Seven: Bishamon
Blessing of the Seven: Daikoku
Blessing of the Seven: Ebisu
Blessing of the Seven: Fukurokuju
Blessing of the Seven: Hotei
Blessing of the Seven: Jurojin
Blissful Betrothal
Cloistered Youth
Dark Foretelling
Dealing with Shadows
Dumplings Over Flowers
Elemental Attunement
Fall Dwon Seven
Favored of the Kami
First You Take a Drink
From Nowhere
Glimpse Beyond
Honored Guest
If My Dog Knew My Plans
Interesting Times
Iron Zen
Lean Times
Lonely Battlefield
Lost Love
Loyal Retainer: Artist
Loyal Retainer: Ashigaru
Loyal Retainer: Burakumin
Loyal Retainer: Geisha
Loyal Retainer: Groom
Loyal Retainer: Household Attendant
Loyal Retainer: Scribe
Loyal Reteainer: Spy
Musha Shugyo
My Ancestors' Strength
Playing with Madness
Politics by Other Means
Sacred Item: Ancestral Armor
Sacred Item: Ancestral Blade
Sacred Item: Ancestral Classic
Sacred Item: Ikeda Barding
Sacred Item: Kuroda Daikyu
Sacred Item: Makino Charm
Sacred Item: Morikawa Katana
Sacred Item: Onie Slayer
Sacred Item: Owari Armor
Sacred Item: Serpent Yari
Sacred Item: Spirit Slayer
Sacred Item: Todo Reaver
Sacred Item: Winter's Breath
Shadow PResence
Small Favors
Soul of JAde
Storm Heart
Ten Men, Ten Colors
Touch of the Moon
Touch of the Sun
Towering Presence
Wrath of the Kami
Yokai Blood: Kitsune
Yokai Blood: Oni
Yokai Blood: Tanuki
Yokai Blood: Tengu
77! That's 77 Fortunes! Is it too many, or should there be more? I pan on there being an introductory, slimmed down, free starter version of Hachigoku which will contain far less Fortunes to start (no Blessings, Loyal Retainers, or Yokai Blood, may be not even Sacred Items), but is it already overload? what do y'all think?

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